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My name is Jenny B. Peters. I'm a musician and teacher.

Creative Musical Musings is the online magazine for you! In it, I give you creative ideas that will transform what you do. It’s a one-page email that comes once a week. You get creative and actionable ideas to get your inspiration back.

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"Congratulations on all you new endeavors! Yes, please include me in this community! These tips are all AWESOME, Jenny!! I’m enjoying your Musical Musings! ”
Chuck Elledge
Instrumental Music Editor at the Neil A. Kjos Music Company

Do you want to re-engage your teaching so you stay excited about music?

Creative Musical Musings covers new styles of music, improvisation, and creativity. Because so many of our students are overwhelmed too, it covers strategies of how to practice. And how to do it within the time that you have with your students.

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